This post comes at a special time, as it is just about two years since I shot my first wedding ever, and coincidentally both wedding shots were done at the same location in Fremantle. Two years seem to go by so quickly, and so many lessons were learned during this time – about photography, about love, about life. Compared with the photographs from two years ago, the photographs I take now seem much simpler. Yet simple doesn’t mean easy, and I’ve found that some of the simplest things in life are the most difficult to achieve.

      Sarah, Jakub and I all went to the same university, and attended the same course. Even though I didn’t know Jakub very well during our university days, I could feel a difference when he was with Sarah, a change because of his love for her. Thank you Sarah and Jakub, for allowing me to be part of this intimate celebration of yours – a day filled with so much emotions and love, when your family and friends came from different parts of the world to celebrate your love for each other.

      {Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-130544{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-124925{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-131119storyboard015{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-125133{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-122010storyboard014{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-124416{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-111433{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-110822storyboard008{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-105810{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-105738{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-111229{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-112556{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-112758{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-112224storyboard001{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-113610-Recovered{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-133649storyboard016{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-134258storyboard037{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-131554{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-135026{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-135754{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-151222{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-151356{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-150821-2{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-152949storyboard018{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-154349A-Recovered{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-154346{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-155219-2-Recovered{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-155041{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-154709{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-155412{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-155336-2{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-155954-2{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-160213storyboard026{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-170817{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-173426storyboard027{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-173538 copy{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-172241{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-172052-3storyboard022storyboard023{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-181051{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-181040storyboard030storyboard040{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-175819storyboard029{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-175622-2{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-183603{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-182036{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-182002-2{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-182408-3{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-182725-3{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-182838{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-182452-2storyboard045storyboard047{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-181939{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-184547{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-202712{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-202926{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-203458{Jakub + Sarah 2}131109-212302{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-221714{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-221717{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-221723{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-221044{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-221243{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-222035{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-222147{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-222147A{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-222335{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-222439{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-222456{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-223127storyboard052{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-214113{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-224205{Jakub + Sarah 3}131109-221633 copy{Jakub + Sarah 1}131109-180403-3 copy