Fine art books – Singapore Wedding Photography


      And stories.

      Two things that make my heart quicken its pace, two things that I cherish dearly.

      When I get married, I will make a book for us out of that special day. A book that we can hold comfortably in our hands. Something not bulky, nor heavy, and nothing too traditional. Something that we can easily pick up from our coffee table and look through when we cuddle up on the couch.

      Not just any book though, I absolutely adore these fine art books that combine matte fine art paper, thin flushmount pages and professional press printing all encased within a solid hardcover. A book that lets me tell your wedding in as much details as possible – a book with a story worth keeping. Jakub and Sarah’s has all sixty two pages of wedding goodness and I wouldn’t remove a single one of them.

      Every couple whom I’ve shown these fine art books to are impressed with everything about them, and I actually make a copy of every memorable wedding I’ve photographed – its my way of remembering my work and the stories I’ve documented during this fulfilling journey.

      If you are ever keen on looking through the real thing, do get in touch.


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