Fiona Treadwell

      The first thing that hit me when I met Fiona for the first time was her personality – strong, forthright and uncompromisingly honest.

      Yet, as time passed and our friendship deepened, I learned that there was so much more to this woman who left her high paying banking job to pursue her passion in floristry, while coincidentally becoming a mother of two striving to provide the best education and childhood for her kids. She is uncompromisingly passionate about delivering quality work to all of her clients, often going the extra mile to go above and beyond what she promised. Forthright and direct in her words, but honest in her thoughts and in her actions. She is strong and unwavering in her character but undeniably loyal and giving to her friends.

      These are the qualities that has formed the cornerstones of her business and the way she creates her floral arrangements and how she styles a wedding. On the occasions where I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph her clients, the results are always a visual celebration mostly attributed to her bold and indie flower bouquets and backdrops.

      Unbeknownst to most, Fiona is also a bespoke wedding stylist. She has a knack of feeling the bride’s personality, picking up on clues during their conversations and eventually curating a style that is unique and cohesive.

      To see more of Fiona’s work, head onto her website HERE.

      Also, check out Ashley + Jarrod’s wedding at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church earlier this year that was full of good vibes, and of course craftily styled by Fiona herself.


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      How long has Fiona Treadwell been around for, and how did it all come about?

      Fiona Treadwell turned four this year. It started out after I got married in Singapore and had a hard time looking for natural and organic arrangements for my own wedding. Hence I wanted to make sure other brides are accessible to it.


      Describe your style in three words.

      Natural, Wild and Free.


      Samuel Goh Photography - Ashley + Jarrod-1-2Singapore-wedding-photographer005Samuel Goh Photography - Ashley + Jarrod-422Samuel Goh Photography - Ashley + Jarrod-273Samuel Goh Photography - Bianca + Cam-173Singapore-wedding-photographer006Samuel Goh Photography - Bianca + Cam-257Ashley + Jarrod’s @ Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church and Bianca + Cam @ Botanical Gardens


      What is the reason behind leaving your full time job to pursue floristry?

      The reason was my family and is still my family. In order to witness all my children’s milestones, I decided to work at my own pace, so that I get to spend more time with them.


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      What is the best thing that you have gotten out of your floristry so far?

      The experiences and the memories definitely.

      The grueling hours and hard work always pay off. The smiles, the thanks and the final product always makes me feel that it is all worth it.

      It is a rewarding job.


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      What is the process like when couples approach you to style their wedding?

      It is a long process, usually 3-6 months before the actual day.

      The process starts when an email comes in and after getting down the basic details we will move on to consultations. It is important that I meet clients so I can determine their style, read their vibe and concoct something that is personal to them.

      It is a continuous process – even after we have aligned the styles, I still keep in contact with the bride to nail down other aesthetics of the wedding such as hair styling, make up and even (wedding) favors to match the overall look.


      Final thoughts – what is one advice that you will give to couples who are deciding on their styling/floral theme for their wedding?

      Choosing floral for your wedding is as personal as choosing your gown.

      Choose something that is you.


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