Every wedding is similar, yet they are all so vastly different. It’s a day when a unique combination of people close to the both of you, at this specific point of time in your life, celebrate your happiness and your commitments. It is something that will never ever happen exactly the same way again, hence its preciousness.

      Edric and Xuezhen have come a long way since the day they got together, and they loved each other dearly and the people around them – I could feel it. It’s always the heart of the people involved in a wedding that makes it special, and they made it even better by designing and handcrafting all the stationary and signs and styling the wedding by themselves – a wedding that is uniquely theirs, held at Capella Singapore.

       Gown by Olive Suite

      Make up and hair styling by Roseanne Tang

      Amazing blooms by Floral Magic

      Their wedding is also featured on The Wedding Scoop here.

      Photographed by Samuel

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