Another year has come to its end, time really does pass too quickly.

      There were a couple of really significant things that happened this year, and whilst they had a positive impact on our lives, I think its more important to note that we managed to cherish those moments as we experienced them this year compared to last.

      Its been a really crazy ride so far, and in four years I’ve experienced many highs and lows professionally and personally and I’ve come to understand some important lessons that has since guided me in many decisions.

      There are many things that may seem important, but are actually not. As I reflect back on all the meaningful things that has occurred this year, not one of them was about being featured in the magazines, or blogs, but every single one of them revolved around our close friends and family and the experiences we have shared. I used to have big dreams – to shoot 100 weddings a year, to be published in this magazine and that blog and win that award and whatsoever (you get the idea). Yet, having done those I’ve also paid the price. Relationships suffered, my health suffered, important milestones were occurring and I wasn’t there, I didn’t spend enough time with my parents than I would hope to and I didn’t manage to be present to appreciate many good things that were happening then. I was lucky I saw the way things were going to end up if I continued, and I snapped out of it.

      Contrary to the way social media is headed, nowadays I don’t wish for 25k followers on my Instagram, or a thousand likes on every photograph I post. Don’t need positive comments on the photographs I take, or to be constantly published on the top blogs, nor is it necessary to travel all around the world to photograph weddings in breathtaking locations or be someone popular – no wish for big dreams like that.

      These days, all I wish for is to sit down for a meal or have a stroll with my parents and be present when I’m with them while they are still well and healthy, to create more memories and soak in the experiences that Ting and I share during our everyday lives, to really remember the gatherings and things we share with all our friends and family, to really enjoy doing what I do, and not do it for the sake of an outcome. As I remind myself that all moments only happen once, and nothing lasts forever.

      Yet perhaps, that is the biggest dream of all.

      Have a great 2016 everyone 🙂


      PS: Photograph by our dear friend Kelly Fan from Studiokel!