If you told me three years ago, when I first started photographing weddings after finishing my studies, that I will one day be documenting a wedding in Sri Lanka, I probably would have laughed it off. Yet awhile back I received an email from Emma and Colin from out of the blue. They were going to get married in Sri Lanka, at place where they traveled to and loved, and wanted Ting and I to photograph it.

      I’ve never quite seen anyone who is as bubbly as Emma, with a smile to die for, and Colin who is possibly the most gentle and well mannered Irish man I have ever met. Both of them got married in Galle church, and had an amazing and celebration at Mirissa Hills. Here are some highlights from their wedding, because there is no way I can even possibly fit every single moment into one blog post.

      I want to give a huge shout out to my partner and wife, Ting (from Ksana) for experiencing this wedding with me. It was a long day, with plenty of important things to be photographed and I wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself. She was there as always, having my back without complain despite being unwell, and covering the key moments that I wasn’t able to. So many of the beautiful moments here were taken by her, and without those pictures this wedding wouldn’t be what it is. Sri Lanka will always mean something special now, because of you.

      Head over to Ksana for more photographs.

      This wedding is also featured on Junebug – head over to show those guys some love!

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      Samuel Goh is a wedding photographer based in Perth and Singapore. Follow more of his work on Facebook and Instagram.