I have always felt a sense of uniqueness to Caramel & Co’s wedding dresses that I haven’t been able to place a finger on. I first met Mel a few years back, but it was only through a recent long conversation with her where we chatted about her life as a mother to two adorable kids, her foray into the bespoke wedding gown business 9 years ago, and the philosophy behind her passion, did I finally understand the intangible components that gave her gowns that special touch.

      If I were to describe Caramel & Co in my own words, it is a business built out of passion that empowers women by creating for them. Sitting in her daylight-filled studio one afternoon, Mel recalled one story where the father of the bride wasn’t able to attend the wedding in France as he couldn’t take the long flight due to his age. When the bride wore her gown in the studio in front of her father, her eyes filled up with tears.

      Perhaps it’s her designs, or the way there is a sense of motherly care for her business that makes you feel catered for, but I’m always excited when I know that I’ll be photographing brides in Caramel’s dresses.


      At the moment, any brides whose wedding I’ll be photographing next year is entitled to 200SGD off Caramel & Co’s current designs (for bespoke brides).

      Check out her website HERE


      Singapore Wedding Photographer - Caramel & Co-1Singapore Wedding Photographer - Caramel & Co-48Singapore Wedding Photographer - Caramel & Co-49


      1) Tell me a little more about yourself

      I’m free spirited, adventurous dare-devil, who loves simple pleasures in life. Mother of two, anti princess and fairytale yet still believes in love. My mind never stop thinking of new ideas and hands never stop working.

      2) Use four words to describe your dresses

      Timeless, comfortable, versatile and romantic




      3) Why did you decide to focus on bespoke wedding dresses instead of creating a collection from current bridal brands?

      I believe that every bride should wear a wedding gown that speaks of their style and also something close to their heart, no two people are the same, so there is no such thing as “one gown fits all”. Designing a wedding gown from scratch also is a very personal and interesting once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed and I am an advocate for that.


      4) What is the most rewarding experience for you so far?

      I love seeing all my brides happy, that is what keeps me going. At times, my brides would be moved to tears when they put on their gown for the first time and moments like these would be etched in my heart but the most rewarding experience would be to be able to develop real friendship with my brides, and to be able to witness their milestones after their weddings.


      5) If a bride is keen to have her gown designed by Caramel & Co, what will the process be like?

      She could make an appointment for a first time consultation which I will first find out about her requirements, let her try on a few dresses and propose a dress that would suit her body as well as her style. Since I do not believe in hard selling or pressurising the brides to confirm my service on the spot, I highly encourage them to think over it. Should they decide to choose me as their designer, we will schedule a design session to kick start the process officially. There will be at least 3 fittings leading up to the wedding.


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      Here are some of the cool weddings that Mel and I have been fortunate to work together with in the recent years!


      Samuel Goh Photography - Mira-1Samuel Goh Photography - Mira-2Samuel Goh Photography - Mira-3Singapore-wedding-photographer006Samuel Goh Photography - Ivan + Vanessa-531Samuel Goh Photography - Ivan + Vanessa-236