Since starting to photograph weddings in 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of so many beautiful celebrations, some of them in really amazing places. I have since photographed weddings and couples up in the hills in Sri Lanka, on a private beach resort in Sumba, various places in Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania and Singapore and of course, in Perth where I am based.

      Weddings are always about the people though, and no matter where its going to be, and I’ve had weddings that I cherish and hold close to my heart as simple as they are. As long as the love and connection between the couple is strong, and the people are genuinely wanting to celebrate their union, it can be it incredibly beautiful and can lead to some really memorable photographs.

      You’ll be able to view a short summary of my year’s photographs in my twenty sixteen reflection post here.

      My schedule for 2017 are as follows –

      April 3rd – 14th – Perth
      May 15th – 24th – Mount Bromo & Bali
      July – Perth
      August – Bali
      October 1st – 14th – Perth
      October 18th – 30th – Tasmania
      November – Melbourne

      Prices start from 1200 for portrait sessions and 3600 for weddings

      If you are keen to have me tell the stories for your destination wedding or photographs for yourselves, wherever it may be, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at or use the contact form above. I’m definitely open to other destinations as well so please don’t be shy to say hello.


      Where are you based and do we have to pay for transport?

      I’m based in Perth and Singapore and airfares don’t have to be included for these two places when I am there. For other destinations though, transport has to be included but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With airfares and accommodation being so competitive now, prices may be cheaper and arrangements much easier than you think.


      What is the advantage of having you photograph us in Perth?

      Perth has some really incredible places and after living there for ten years and photographing the state for half of it, I’ve come across some really beautiful scenery and also good knowledge of the season and weather. Instead of simply being a photoshoot, it’s more of exploring new landscapes and being lost with each other, focusing on the experience and creating memories. I’m also really keen on exploring Melbourne and Tasmania next year!



      What do I receive at the end?

      You’ll receive a customized USB containing all edited, hi-resolution photographs that are carefully curated plus a set of prints to keep, all within a beautifully crafted leather clutch handmade by a dear friend of mine (for weddings) or a wooden box (for portraits).

      Couples normally end up keeping a storytelling fine art album as well.



      What is the next step?

      If you’ve already sorted out a date for your wedding, and are keen to share the details, simply drop me an email or through the contact form. I’ll be able to give suggestions for locations and even help to plan the timeline for your wedding day so that everything flows better. Couples normally book 10 months to a year in advance, as a general guideline.